Improve the Environment and Improve Your Health

Improve the Environment and Improve Your Health

How often do we hear about global warming? Consider it, I don’t think a day goes by that the media is not putting out this theory there in 1 way or another. There are all sorts of theories on this issue. No matter whether you believe that there’s an issue, hopefully, we can agree that it simply makes sense to reside less wastefully and conserve resources.

Now, how often do we hear about diet and exercise and their connections to our health? Again it is a continuous message as individuals, like me honestly, attempt and persuades others to take charge of their health in a positive manner. What’s intriguing is that these two overriding issues can be worked on together. As an example, take both of these facts; the average American does not get enough physical activity in their everyday life, and using cars leads to the emission of carbon dioxide and of course the demand for oil. Can you see where this is going? Yes, I will suggest walking or biking rather than using your car. Now, I know this is not practical in many circumstances but if you consider it I will bet there are times when you push, state to the local drug store, or the corner market when you can walk or ride a bicycle. I understand that in my area I see people driving into the high school soccer games when they only live a few blocks from the area, this is an ideal example of a chance to get in a little additional activity whilst letting the car seat. I see people giving their children a ride to school when they live close enough to have walked and gotten some exercise while spending a wonderful time together also.

Another correlation that I want to deal with between the issue of the environment and the health of the nation is the use of red meat. All of us know that if we eat red meat we are serving ourselves a helping of high cholesterol and artery-clogging saturated fat but did you know that the meat industry is a massive polluter and that it uses a lot more energy than crops like vegetables and fruits, and of course the extraordinary amount of land that’s wasted. Thousands and thousands of acres of grain have been grown and used to feed cows, which we then eat. Think about that. We grow nice and healthy grains, which would nourish us healthfully, but rather we feed it to cows, then we damage our health when we eat them. Does this make any sense to anybody?

All along the way, the meat industry is only a waste of funds. The land that’s used to increase the grain that they eat, the water that’s used for those plants, the excrement that comes from each one these millions and millions of cows makes a dangerous and toxic waste problem, the emissions from this excrement creates harmful gasses in our atmosphere. All this to consume something that’s connected to a much higher rate of cancer which causes cardiovascular disease, the major killers in our country. When we will wake up?

It’s really easy to go through our lives and not actually think about how little things we do or take for granted could have an impact on the large picture. We’re fortunate to live in a time where we have access to this knowledge of how to take care of our bodies and our environment. How sad if we do not use it.

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